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Hey look at me!!!! Look at me look at me look a t m e

i feel you mel

I don’t know if it’s because I am sick as a dog, feeling a little loopy from all the medicine I’ve had to take, being far past the stage of tiredness, or possibly the terrible combination of all of thee above…..but I just spaced out in the shower for about five solid minutes just thinking about how weird it would be if someone put a camera inside an indestructible clear container, sat it in front of multiple microwaves, and just heated up a ton of random items that have a caution label that reads “May explode when heated”. This thought came from a can of shaving cream. Welp.


make your child stop screaming or I will

I work in a Target which is basically a home to all the screaming children. Cashiers have stickers that they can give to the kids, and it’s always the one’s who are kicking and screaming that demand one, and I always tell them I don’t have any………take that you snotty nosed brats

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My Chemical Romance





"Helena" by My Chemical Romance

"What’s the worst that I could say? things are better if I stay, so long and goodnight…"




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Cat Power

—Sea of Love

I wanna tell you
How much
I love you

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If being called annoying doesn’t bring out the devil in you, I don’t know what will

Sampson, just hanging out and making sure my feets stay warm.

Sampson, just hanging out and making sure my feets stay warm.


Noma in the dark.


Noma in the dark.

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*makes gagging noises scrolling though newsfeed*

Anonymous asked: U r so beautiful Since always to forever

That is so nice. Thank you!!



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If ANYONE in Panama City would be interested in adding a feline friend to their family, or might know someone who would like to, please let me know…

There are two females, about 6 yrs old each, and one male who is between 3 and 4. 

they are all fixed, declawed and extremely lovable. 

Please help me out! I no longer live in Panama City, and my dad who is a mega asshole is threatening to take them to the pound if he can not re-home them by Friday.


There’s that smile!

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